• Despite massive growth, e-commerce penetration in the region has only reached a meager 5% in 2021
  • E-commerce GMV in SEA will triple in the next 5 years
  • This growth will attract even more attention to SEA’s e-commerce ecosystem, making it likely that SEA will become the battleground for the climactic battle between e-commerce giants from different regions
  • To date, SEA’s e-commerce ecosystem as a whole remains relatively heterogeneous and entirely distinctive to the “the west” — aka the United States and Europe — and “the east” aka China
  • Whereas it is impossible to predict which companies will win in…

Copyright: DAAT

The Digital Advertising Association of Thailand (DAAT) recently published the mid-year 2020 edition of its Thailand Digital Advertising Spend Report.

The report, which is a joint publication between DAAT and market research firm Kantar, aggregates spending data from 42 of Thailand’s leading advertising agencies & combines it with analysis from senior industry leaders.

The mid-year 2020 edition is of particular interest because it provides the first data-driven assessment of the impact the COVID-19 pandemic on the Thai advertising industry.

That was reason enough for me to give the report particular attention and share my personal analysis in this post.



Key Takeaways

  • E-commerce is the talk of the town but almost all public attention is devoted to the marketplace giants, neglecting social commerce which makes up 40% of Thailand’s e-commerce market
  • Social commerce in Thailand is currently dominated by conversional commerce, or c-commerce, which predominantly takes place on social media platforms Facebook, Instagram & Line.
  • Social commerce in Thailand is here to stay and the segment is set to grow alongside the massive growth in e-commerce that is expected to take place in the coming years
  • China is currently the most mature social commerce ecosystem in the world and looking at China’s…

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Passionate about all things digital — particularly about building scalable digital businesses. Currently based in Bangkok.

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