The Current State & Future of Social Commerce in Thailand


Key Takeaways


The Current State of Social Commerce in Thailand

This premium Bangkok butcher enables people to order meat via the messaging app Line

The convenience & value of c-commerce: a real-life example

Why Social Commerce in Thailand is Here to Stay

Looking Ahead: The Future of Social Commerce in Thailand

Benchmarking against the #1: China vs. Thailand

Looking at the Numbers

Proliferation of e-commerce & social commerce in both countries according to various sources
General demographics & user behavior in both countries according to Hootsuite’s digital report

Looking at the maturity: Comparing the stage of social commerce in Thailand to China

The different stages of maturity of the Chinese social commerce market according to Fung Business Intelligence

Moving Towards Proliferation: Insights from the Chinese market

Moving Towards Proliferation: Using China as a Proxy for How Proliferation Might Play Out in Thailand

Social Commerce as Part of the Super Apps: Predicting the Future of Social Commerce in Thailand

From left to right: The home screen of Shopee prominently features Shopee Story & Shopee Live; a closer look at LazLive’s programming that shows how users how are enticed to impulse buy at the click of a button with discounts & coupons; An old Lazada Facebook advertisement showcases the group-buying feature that is now MIA

David vs. Goliath: The Social Commerce Opportunity for Local Entrepreneurs

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